CCSI Partners have been practitioners for more than twenty years in effective sanctions implementation policies for the public and private sectors

New CCSI Book to be released 9 October 2017.


New Assessment Report for the Compendium of the HLR






 Current activities

The  Assessment of Achievements and Challenges of the High Level Review of United Nations Sanctions is now concluded. The Assessment Report is now available as a booklet and as an official UN document in six languages

CCSI will release a on 9 October 2017 a new comprehensive book “The Evolution of UN Sanctions” that explores not only the history of UN sanctions, but also all sanctions regimes the Security Council has ever applied. In the final section, the authors analyze which sanctions regime has lived up to or violated the humanitarian ideals of the UN, and discuss how the P5 are disregarding their historic obligations to the international community to maintain international peace and security.

CCSI’s book ‘United Nations Non-Proliferation Sanctions on Iran and North Korea: Practitioner’s Compliance Handbook’ continuous to be available in print and in e-book versions at Amazon.

CCSI principals work frequently with educational institutions around the world to develop and present sanctions trainings for representatives of governments, international organizations, companies, or civil societies.

CCSI principals are frequently engaged by prospective UN Security Council state members, other states and private sector organizations to provide briefings, trainings and analysis on sanctions compliance, monitoring, and implementation practices

CCSI is supporting states civil societies and companies with research and analysis in sanctions related activities, such as the vulnerabilities and opportunities created by emerging digital technologies, developing capacity-building programs to states with particularly urgent and heavy sanctions implementation obligations, or to communities that are victims to illegal exploitation of natural resources.

CCSI partners serve in international investigative bodies and assist sanctions monitoring mechanisms.

CCSI has partnered with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation to offer free of-charge an abridged multi-language online version of our recently published ‘United Nations Non-Proliferation Sanctions on Iran and North Korea: Practitioner’s Compliance Handbook.