CCSI-projects include collaboration and partnerships with a wide range of professionals and expert practitioners.

Enrico Carisch

Founding Partner


Loraine Rickard-Martin

Founding Partner & CEO


Initiated and organized on behalf of Australia, Finland, Germany, Greece and Sweden, the High Level Review of UN sanctions; UN system-wide sanctions training programs sponsored by Canada; and other initiatives to assist in more effective sanctions implementation mechanisms;

Served European, Central African governments and international organizations and civil society groups in the design, implementation and monitoring of natural resource capacity enhancement projects in conflict and post-conflict situations;

Served the Security Council as a financial and natural resources sanctions monitor;

Collected and reported evidence on sanctions violations perpetrated by numerous individuals and entities;

Investigative journalist for print and television media for 25 years



Advises and briefs, as well as designs and implements training programs on sanctions compliance and implementation for states, international organizations, academic institutions and companies;

Served the United Nations for over three decades, as Senior Political Affairs Officer and Sanctions Committee Secretary in the Security Council Affairs Division;

Served as Secretary of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change;

Advised the African Union’s Peace and Security Council on sanctions issues;

Lecturer in United Nations Sanctions at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) (2010 to 2013) and taught an intensive ten-week course for diplomats at Columbia University in 2013.



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CCSI partners regularly advise and contribute to scholarly endeavors and publications, most notably to the edited volume Targeted Sanctions: The Impacts and Effectiveness of United Nations Action by the Targeted Sanctions Consortium

Publications by CCSI Partners

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