New Assessment Report for the Compendium of the HLR released.

The Assessment Report has also been released as an official UN document in all official languages


See here for the remarks to the presentation of the Assessment Report by Mr. Michael Bliss, Assistant Secretary, International Legal Branch, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


The Assessment Report reflects deliberations among dozens of UN Member States that commenced one year after the release of the Compendium of the High Level Review in order to consolidate the many valuable recommendations to a few consensus-driven improvements. These topics are:

More effective cooperation and transparency among all sanctions stakeholders:
1. Enhancing external and internal cooperation and transparency of the United Nations sanctions system (sanctions committee chairs and expert groups)
2. Sanctions-affected States and related regional organizations and institutions
3. Outreach to the private sector

More accurate and collaborative sanctions implementation:
1. Harmonization of sanctions definitions and terms and related texts and procedures
2. Independence and working conditions of the Ombudsperson
3. Enhancing overall due process procedures

Augmenting the sanctions implementation capacity of States that bear a disproportionate implementation burden
Table: Implementation assistance requirements

Other and new Issues:
1. Derisking
2. Integrating Chapter VI considerations into United Nations sanctions procedures
3. Field security for expert groups