The Australian Mission to the United Nations has launched in September 2016, with Compliance and Capacity Skills International, LLC, an “Assessment of Achievements and Challenges of the High Level Review of United Nations Sanctions” (HLR).


The purpose of this new initiative is to explore topics that received the most consensus during the HLR*. These areas include:

– improvement in transparency and accountability by UN sanctions committees,

– better training and skills enhancement for the entire UN sanctions system,

– tactical capacity assistance for states that face the heaviest sanctions implementation burdens.


The initiative will consist of a series of assessment and exploratory roundtable discussions with Member States, and practitioners and experts from the public and private sectors. Some presentations, including those by external experts and solution providers, will be made available on this webpage subsequent to their delivery to participants.


Meetings records, supplemental information will be posted on a dedicated, password-protected forum, where comments and questions are welcome too.


Access Community Forum

(This forum is reserved for participants who represent UN member states, and representatives of companies and other private sector entities.)


The Assessment included roundtables with UN Security Council Members and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Group, and the overall membership States of the UN. Additional awareness events were held during International Law Week and Geneva Peace Week in Fall 2016. Bilateral meetings with Member States as well as written responses to a survey circulated among all UN Member States and inquiries and outreach to 350 enterprises and industry organizations added additional substance to the Assessment before a final briefing event was held late March 2017. The Assessment Report will be release late April or early May 2017.



* The original HLR was sponsored by Australia, Finland, Germany, Greece and Sweden, and co-organized by CCSI and the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs). The concluding document, the HLR compendium, was launched on 5 November 2015 at the United Nations. The compendium delivered a rich agenda for continuous enhancement of the sanctions tool for international peace and security. The printed version of the Compendium and the official UN document in six UN languages may be downloaded here: