Financial sanctions – activity-based sanctions

Financial transactions, even those that do not involve a designated party under the UN assets freeze, may still contravene sanctions based on the activity that individuals, companies or entities pursue. Examples of transactions that support or enable illegal WMD proliferation are:

– Acquisition, supply, or sale of embargoed material, dual use goods or goods contravening catch-all provisions;

– Funding of sensitive services ranging from mercenary services, bartering, brokering, or accumulating know-how in building components for illegal proliferation;

– Financing of enabling activities such as the manufacture, maintenance, use, transfer and transportation of embargoed material;

– Financial services including banking and financial intermediary services, brokering, investment, lending, and insurance services required for the building, acquisition, or rental of manufacturing, storage or transportation facilities that enable illegal WMD proliferation;

– Facilitation of illegal proliferation through the provision and physical transfer of bulk cash;

– Operating natural resource extractions that provide raw materials required for WMD purposes.