UN Sanctions measures

The UN sanctions system includes an arms embargo (conventional or WMD) ,ban on individual travel , blocking of assets and other economic sanctions, ban the exportation of luxury goods to North Korea, restrictions of diplomatic relations and privileges.

Application of these measures is rarely homogenous across all regimes. The diversity of measures follows the logic that the coercive effects of sanctions are maximized only if they exploit the vulnerabilities of perpetrators, therefore they must be calibrated with strength commensurate to the threat they are meant to neutralize


These sanctions measures require careful implementation by all responsible actors of the international community. There are key questions that are at the heart of all sanctions implementation efforts:

  • Who is the final recipient, end user/end use or beneficiary of shipments, transportation or financial services?
  • Where is the location or ultimate place of use or benefit for the proposed delivery or transport?
  •  What is exported?
  •  Why are goods transported and subject to financial services?