Ban the exportation of luxury goods to North Korea

UN sanctions resolutions do not define what constitutes a luxury item, leaving it to each Member State to make this decision. To some extent this arbitrariness is one of the strengths of this sanctions measure as it leave elites of North Korea unsettled about what they may import for their personal use with impunity. For the first time, some guidance was annexed to resolution 2094 (2013) identifying the following items:

– Jewelry with pearls, gems, precious and semi-precious stones (including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds), jewelry of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal.

– Transportation items such as yachts, luxury automobiles and motor vehicles including station wagons, and racing cars.

For further illustrative purposes, the following items were reported as either those that states have blocked from export to the DPRK, or that are under investigation because they were exported to the DPRK:

Cognac (bottled)


Electronic equipment for public cinema

Electronic sound and video recording equipment

Electronic sound equipment for concert halls

Luxury watches

Mulberry handbag

Notebook computer


Sake (bottled)

Ski lift equipment for furnishing ski resorts,

Tap-dancing shoes

Tobacco and tobacco products

Vodka (bottled)

Whiskey (bottled)

Whiskey glasses

Whiskey decanter