Transition Day        

16 January 2024 or earlier, following an IAEA Broader Conclusion)

(Definition: 8 years after Adoption Day or following an IAEA Broader Conclusion that all nuclear material in Iran remains in peaceful activities)

Preconditions: The IAEA will report to the Security Council the “Broader Conclusion” that all nuclear material in Iran remains in peaceful activities

Unwinding of sanctions:

  1. The EU will terminate its remaining sanctions measures including;

– on financial messaging services;

– on the transport sector;

– on proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities, including goods, technology, investment and specialized training and associated services related to ballistic missiles; and

– on metals

  1. The EU will remove designated individuals and entities as listed under Annex 5 “EU Designations” of this Handbook
  1. The US will terminate its remaining statutory sanctions on:

– nuclear proliferation-related measures;

– financial and banking sector;

– insurance measures;

– energy and petrochemical sectors;

– shipping, shipbuilding and port sectors;

– gold and other precious metals;

– automotive sector; and

– on software and metals

  1. The US will also remove individuals and entities currently designated under the US non-proliferation criteria.
  1. Delisting of individuals and entities designated under the UN asset freeze.