CCSI in collaboration with Future Culture is initiating an online forum and consultation workshops to be held for digital information technology companies and organizations. We intend to explore the technology-security paradigms that impact on international peace and security and to outline policy recommendations for effective global countermeasures against the most egregious abuses.

The proposed explorations will consider the trajectory of technological innovations, their benefits and risks. Proposals for policy responses will be formulated against the worst abuses of information technologies by terrorists, militias, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and those responsible for atrocities and human rights abuses.

Policy responses are strictly considered in an international context to related to the work of the Security Council. The attention should be on norms, standards and practical measures that can be achieved with current technological means.

The principal venue for these discussions is the Online Forum that also contains research and original documents pertaining to the rise of digital abuses, threat actors, and related sanctions.

Access Community Forum

(Currently only members of technology companies are invited to this forum)

Policy makers have been devoting some attention to the nexus between abusive internet practices and international peace and security. Most recently, the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations and CCSI convened a meeting under the heading “UN Sanctions and Digital Technologies: Threats and Opportunities”.

This initial effort has encouraged CCSI and Future Culture to embark on research project focused on identifying the types of threats and threat actors that are documented either by UN sanctions monitoring experts, by law enforcement authorities or other credible investigators.

At the same time an extensive library is being created to explain technologies, technology providers and their services and tools, and how these advances could support the international community’s efforts to counteract cyber- terrorism, or proliferators, militia leaders and committing atrocities and human rights violations.