The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in particular the DPRK’s violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, is considered by many UN Member States as one of the most serious current threats to international peace and security.

CCSI has made contributions towards more effective implementation of non-proliferation sanctions through a number of initiatives. The most recent contribution is the release of a comprehensive handbook for governments or corporate compliance officials who share implementations obligations.

United Nations Non-Proliferation Regimes on Iran and North Korea – Practitioner’s Compliance Handbook


The e-book and the print version consists of 250 pages, in four illustrated sections, including ten typologies of sanctions violations, fourteen tables, twenty two extensive diagrams and figures, and five annexes with the names of individuals and entities who will be delisted from the Iran sanctions according to the schedule of the JCPOA, the disarmament agreement recently concluded between the P5 +1 and Iran

To ensure the broadest possible availability of some of the texts, CCSI has partnered with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, to offer free access to abridged versions in UN official languages as follows:







The e-book is currently available through global book retailers — see Amazon for a Kindle edition, or Kobo and Smashwords.

As an additional service to the international community, CCSI has, with funding from the Canadian Government and in collaboration with the International Peace Institute, developed four annexes providing detailed guidance in order to assist in the identification of all prohibited material under non-proliferation sanctions.
Restricted Nuclear Goods, Commodities, and Technologies
Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Equipment, Material, Software, and Related Technology
– List of Items, Materials, Equipment, Goods, and Technology Related to Ballistic Missile Programs
– List of Chemical and Biological Items, Materials, Equipment, Goods, and Technologies Related to Other Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs